Welcome to the Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club

The Brisbane and GPS Rowing Club has a proud tradition of rowing on the Brisbane River and today operates programs for:
- Learn to Row - Junior - Elite - Recreational - Veterans/Masters -
New members are welcome to the club. Simply contact us or visit the
boat shed on the first Saturday morning of each month around 7.00 am


Join the club. See the Membership page for details.

Learn to Row
New Classes start in February 2016. See the LTR pages for registration, fees etc.


GPS Rowing Club Boat Allocation Information.

B&GPS Club programmes for Year 10, 11 and 12 Students.
THE Brisbane & GPS Rowing Club assembles three squads annually for schoolgirls and school boys in Years 10,11 and 12 to continue in the sport after their respective season.
A brochure is available here.

Click Here for a link to the Youth Development Page, or here for the link to the High Performace group.


Brisbane River Share Video from RQ and MSQ, Transdev

Click the link above to watch the video created by the associated organsiation to help educate users of the Brisbane River in safely navigating and sharing the river. All B&GPS members will alredsay be aware of these requirements, but this is a viaual reminder of the risks associated with rowing, and how they can be minimised if correct procedures are follwed while you are rowing on the river.

(Guess what rating this crew is rowing out. A prize if you get it correct.)

Click here for a link to the GPS Facebook pages of images and other recent material.



If you are interested in Learning to Row at GPS, have a look at the details on the Learn to Row page in the menu on the left. Or click this link.